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Integrated Tax Business and Financial Planning

For our clients our first concern is protecting them from overpaying on their taxes. If you get the taxes wrong nothing else matters, that is why it is usually the first task we tackle with our new clients.

Unlike traditional brokerages that make money from each transaction, or companies that typically sell a limited set of financial products, we are an independent financial advisory firm. That means we can address your wealth management needs holistically by developing strategies that address all aspects of your investments. Plus, we use the latest analytic tools, portfolio management platforms, and diverse set of financial investment vehicles available. It’s a unique 360-degree approach that’s centered on your success.

Property Tax Mitigation | Cost Segregation | Workers Comp Insurance Audits | Credit Card Merchant Account Audits | Federal Tax Incentives

For larger businesses with employees we help them reduce "Business Costs" in a greater fashion by performing various audits without disruption of any business processes. In most cases we can get the business tax incentives for items that they had no idea they were entitled. In many industries we attain over $100,000 in rebates or incentives.

Before we meet with our clients or perspective clients we ask them to take this simple survey so that the client gets a good idea on where to start with wealth planning. Click on the image below to take the Wealth Index, you will be glad you did.

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