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What is more important to you your money or your happiness?

I am sure that to most of us (including me) that watching a financial presentation makes their eyes glaze over. I am also sure that most folks would liken it to going to the dentist or doctor, a necessary but uncomfortable part of life.

You could have plenty of money for retirement but if you have a health issue or a personal issue or one with your family you may need to concentrate on other areas of your life in order to gain happiness.

Lets work on getting to the root of any issue that will affect your finances because if that is not addressed then all the financial planning in the world wont't make you happy. It may seem like a complex process but it works and it can be a lot more fun!

I have found the biggest fear most people have is not their money but living a complete life that is not just focused on the balance in their account, after all isn't that much more important.

Of course we do what is necessary but it is what is important in our lives that need the most attention.

I want happy clients not just wealthy ones. I understand that it is expected that my core services will be the best they can be...but honestly any robot can do that. Lets get to what matters most TO YOU!

If you have questions about YOUR business plan for life give me a call to set up an important experience you won't regret.

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