Team Based Approach with CPAs

If you are a CPA that is the "go to guy" for your clients then we need to talk. We can help you work less and make more using our team approach which frees up your calendar and allows you to do more of what you like to do while taking care of your best clients.

Would you like to increase your revenue per client while working less?

Our team based concept is the only relationship you will need outside of your normal client relationships. You will be doing a great service for your clients and your clients will appreciate you more. You won't have to worry about losing business to the guy next door who does taxes in his basement. Our average CPA revenue per client is much higher than industry average. Our partners need only need about 37 clients to make over 250,000 dollars net per year in their practice.

As a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, I help CPAs: 

• Reduce the risks that come from referring clients to third parties
• Reduce the risk of losing clients by being more proactive
• Provide more value and increase client satisfaction
• Expand their "brain-trust" by working with some of the country’s best specialists
• Increase organic growth by giving clients a story worth sharing with family and friends

I help CPA's with the current shift to a more proactive model that is more holistic approach to helping their clients. The economic conditions over the last 5-10 years have created a serious demand for CPAs to become much more proactive and act as the ‘trusted business advisor’ for their clients. The majority of CPAs aren’t able to keep up with these shifting demands in addition to all of the tax law changes. As a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, my team and I can help with this new reality.

Times have changed and so have expectations. In 2015 The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in their CPA report “A Road Map to The Future” stated; CPAs are no longer defined by traditional services such as tax preparation, audits, and financial statements. CPAs are now expected to be their clients most trusted business advisor.