We Advocate For You So You Can Focus On Running Your Business.

After building several successful companies I discovered the biggest challenge was overcoming the tax burdens that successful businesses and their owners face. So my focus now is helping others in business to avoid taxes in the most efficient way possible. Our process is to work in the most legal, moral and ethical way possible with the help of your CPA or tax advisor who knows your tax situation best, to help you fulfill your business and personal financial goals. We also help businesses find money that may be available for certain government programs that you may be missing out on. Click here to see if you qualify for a federal tax incentive.

Do you feel any of these issues affecting your business?

  • Paying too much tax while not enjoying tax credits available to most business owners

  • Reduced cash flow

  • No exit plan or strategy

  • Insufficient retirement planning

  • Inefficiency in their insurance plans - paying too much for business insurance or not having the correct coverage

  • No buy/sell strategy

  • No strategy to keep key employees

  • No Financial Plan for the business

We work with your tax professional or if you don't have one we'll get one of our partners to help.

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