Advocating for businesses and business owners.

For all of my life I have been a business owner. I have never had a regular paycheck and have rarely taken orders from someone other than a client. I really know what the struggles are as an independent entrepreneur and how to deal with the day to day challenges that comes with being a true entrepreneur. 

After building several successful companies I discovered the biggest challenge was overcoming the tax burdens that successful businesses and their owners face. So my focus now is helping others in business to avoid taxes in the most efficient way possible. Our process is to work in the most legal, moral and ethical way possible with the help of your CPA or tax advisor who knows your tax situation best to help you fulfill your business and personal financial goals.

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Areas of Practice

team approach with CPA's

If you are a CPA that is the "go to guy" for your clients then we need to talk. We can help you work less and make more using our team approach which frees up your calendar and allows you to do more of what you like to do while taking care of your best clients.


advanced tax planning

Our team is based with specialists in many areas that most business owners don't know exists in the world of tax planning. Most CPA's don't have the expertise to implement these strategies on their own and therefore rely on our team to put them in place.

ongoing tax support for businesses

We are not in this for a one and done engagement and neither should it be for you if you are a good client for us. Not only do we help implement tax strategies but we will give ongoing advice for as long as we need in order for you to be "tax efficient". Remember we work with your existing CPA so no need to setup a new relationship with an accounting professional.

BUSINESS STRATEGY and cost savings

Our partners help us help you by finding tax credits and money saving strategies that you may not have even thought about. These strategies include business planning, business valuation, captive insurance companies, cost remediation, cost segregation, ESPO's, Long Term Care, Premium Financing, Protective Health Management Plans, R&D Tax strategy specialists, 1031 exchange and REITS and many more.

retirement plans only for business owners

Because you own a business and dedicate your life to it we know that you may not have the most effective retirement plan. Most business owners are focused on reinvesting in their business and either forget to build their own retirement plan or don't know how to build a plan that will continue their lifestyle through retirement and also leave a sufficient legacy for their heirs. Our proven methods have been in use for 20 years and have enabled many business owners to supercharge their retirement plan and allow them to catch up fast to facilitate an awesome retirement that the have been working for so many years.