As I started working with business owners over the past several years, I was shocked to learn that their CPA in many cases, is not meeting some of the most important needs a business owner has.

It's not that tax professionals don't want to provide more value but I have found that most are either too busy with their compliance based work or simply don’t know how to be the proactive, holistic CPA that is most valuable to their client.

According to a 2014 Sleeter Group Survey:
•76% of affluent business owners think their CPA is not proactive
•72% of business owners changed their CPA in part because the CPA only provided reactive advice
•36% of business owners are actively looking for a new CPA 

Times have changed and so have expectations. In 2015 The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in their CPA report “A Road Map to The Future” stated; CPAs are no longer defined by traditional services such as tax preparation, audits, and financial statements. CPAs are now expected to be their clients most trusted business advisor.

That is our goal for you!

I help CPAs:
•Become the trusted advisor their business clients WANT and NEED
•Maintain relevance with the services you provide and set yourself apart in the marketplace
•Provide proactive holistic planning solutions that reduce taxes, expenses, and risk for their clients
•Adjust to and accommodate their clients increasing demands and expectations
•Make more money with their “A” and “B” clients and reduce their compliance-based workload
•Attract and retain your ideal clientele 
•Spend more time doing what you love with family and friends