Tax Planning or Tax Filing

What is your first inclination when you hear this message? Does you plan for future tax avoidance or are you and your CPA dealing with history and having to find ways to stay tax compliant?

Many of our existing clients thought that they were doing the best they could until they engaged us to help them. I remember one of my first experiences with a client after we had worked together and she thanked me and she said that she didn’t realize that there was so much in her business that she could use to avoid taxes.

The Tax Toll Bridge

Has anyone explained to you how business owners have a distinct advantage over the average working person in that they can control their spending in ways that avoid the maximum amount of taxes in a legal moral and ethical fashion. We coach our clients to spend in the most judicious manner so that they can get advantages out of what they spend and also pay the least amount of tax. We coach them both personally and in their business.

So the idea is to spend your money as a business owner before the “Tax Toll Bridge” because if you spend after the Tax Toll Bridge the tax savings are gone and it is too late.

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