Don’t do this to your kids

No matter how much we'd like to deny it, genetics have a far greater influence on who we are than anything else. The children of great athletes tend to be great athletes themselves.  

 And unfortunately, some people who never smoked a day in their life will fight the same heart disease as their parents. 
Then there’s habits. Sometimes we can learn good ones from our parents, like flossing.  Other times, kids mimic the bad ones like smoking. I see it also with money.

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The Walking Dead

Yes, I admit it…I like zombie shows.  Correction…I love them.  Perhaps because most of the time they aren’t about the zombies at all.  

They’re more about how people behave once the social order is gone.  

No longer do things like love, self-esteem, and respect matter when your biggest goal of the day is escaping hunger:  your hunger and the hunger of the undead. 

 One advantage of a zombie apocalypse would be the demise of the IRS.  

Collecting taxes for the redistribution of wealth would be a thing of the past.  It would be replaced, however, by plunder and pillaging…much like the days of Ragnar Lothbrok and the Vikings.  

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The Bucket List

One recommendation I make often to people is if they have a bucket list, don’t wait until retirement to fill it.   

Sadly, I have clients pass away every year, reminding me of just how limited time is.

Travel requires energy, as well as money, two things that are more in supply during our working years.

And while I haven’t traveled extensively, when I do return I always reach the same conclusion:  nothing beats America.  

The US different in many ways.  

To me, taxes stand out the most.

Throughout Europe, all goods are sold with a 17.5% VAT (value added tax).  

What value they are adding for 17.5% remains to be seen. 

When I first encountered this national sales tax, I assume Europeans wisely adopted it in lieu of an income tax. 

Boy was I wrong.  

Not only does the United Kingdom have a VAT, they also tax income at an amazingly high rate.

For earnings in excess of about $200,000, you pay 45%.  

On top of that, prices are incredibly high.  

In London , a 1400 square foot apartment can sell for more than $3 million.

I realize it costs a great deal to keep the royal family comfortable in all of those palaces, but someone missed the message that Sam Adams & his cousin John tried to convey 240 years ago.  

Even with representation, high taxation stinks.

I don’t envy the work of financial advisors in other countries.

I can help people achieve a tax-freeretirement on their income, but a 17.5% VAT cancels out a lot of good work.

So, while I encourage you to visit London if you haven’t already done so, keep it to a week.  And keep your receipts on anything you buy.  For as a non-Euro, you are entitled to a refund on the VAT for any goods you plan to take outside the kingdom.  That’s the only way I know to avoid the VAT. As for other types of taxes, especially those on your retirement accounts, we have a lot of good ideas at The Wealth Advocate.

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Kobe, Peyton, & You

Over the last few years, several truly great athletes have decided to hang it up.

Kobe, Peyton, Mariano…to name a few.

While their fans certainly miss seeing these icons compete, the ones with the longest faces have been our friends at the IRS.

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HVAC Case Study

HVAC Case Study

Let me tell you a story of that starts like this: This case study showing how a small business can receive a federal tax rebate of over 50,000 with just one strategy. I was contacted by a property and casualty insurance professional after he saw one of my posts last year about a tax strategy used by many public companies to lower their taxes on the commercial buildings that they own.

3 Ways to get tax free tuition for your kids.

Have you ever thought of having your kids pay their own tuition?

it's possible if you own a business…

Think about having your kids do some light work around your office and pay them a reasonable wage. You can pay them up to around $9,500 without having to take taxes out you can have that money deposited into their account and use that money to pay their tuition. This is just one of our strategies that we suggest to clients to save money on taxes… it's spending money before the tax toll booth… as opposed to spending money after the toll booth. Watch this video to find out more.

Three Top Concerns for Small Business Owners

According to National Federation of Independent Business which is the gold standard of research for many years states that Health Care, Government regulations and Federal Income Taxes are the top 3 concerns that keep business owners up at night. From a survey of over 20000 respondents 2831 business owners responded.


  1. Health Care costs- With all of the uncertainties in the polarized political environment not knowing where the next phase of health care insurance is going is a real concern with most business owners. 


  1. Government regulations - the cost of keeping up with government regulations is certainly a challenge if your business produces any type of toxic waste or substance in your manufacturing process and is an area that lurks behind the curtain of not knowing what comes next.


  1. Federal Income Tax - is 3rd on the list of 75 options obviously a real concern because like all of the top 3 concerns it reduces profit and spending power. Reduces the ability to invest in equipment , employees and many of the other options requiring capital to increase growth of the business


So I say to myself which one of these has the  most controllable circumstance and in my view it is taxes  probably because I have a biased view and have the resources to at least know how to maximize tax liability. A business owner might have an idea of how to do this with the limited help of their CPA however it is one of those things that even if you know how you might not be able to pull it off because you don’t have the experience. I look at it like comparing it to removing your own appendix. You could google it and try it but it might not be so successful if you try it yourself. 


If you want help reducing one third of your sleeplessness set up and easy peasy meeting where I can ask a few survey questions to see if it makes sense and take it from there. In the meantime you should download my free ebook “7 little known ways to beat the IRS” at my  website:

Why I Do this.

People have many different reasons to choose a career. In this video I go into some detail on my soul purpose of doing what I do. I hope this will give you a better understanding of where my head is coming from when it comes to the clients I serve.

W.A.R.P Explained for business owners only

A little known strategy to supercharge your retirement plan without raiding the reserves of your business.

How to develop a viable and attractive exit strategy for you the business owner and an easy transition for the new buyer.

Create a retirement plan which provides maximum tax deductions going into a retirement plan and little to no taxes coming out and no RMDs

Learn the benefits of innovative strategies to fund your retirement and leverage it 4 fold or more.

Learn how to over fund your retirement and not have to provide the same options for your employees.

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Are You Missing This?

Educational Video content from Roy Innella - 90% of Small business owners are missing out on tax deductions, credits and rebates by not doing the proactive planning they should be doing. The Wealth Advocate offers a free tax assessment survey , just email roy@yourwealthadvocate and ask for the survey link. Or call Roy at 610-695-8748

Dental Practice?

If you own a dental practice you should take a look at this video it could put $$ in your pocket with out a lot of stress and you might be able to hire someone or buy that piece of equipment that you need but were postponing because you didn't have the money.

Doctors...This is WARP...

Health care Professionals here is a solution to "catch up" on your retirement and get the tax deduction without raiding the reserves of your practice.

Are you behind in your retirement plan funding? Are you concerned because you feel you put all of your money into the business only to find that you are without a decent retirement plan and need ot catch up?

How do you feel about your retirement planning position? Are you looking for ways to improve your situation but dont know how th fund it? Are you afraid if you over pay yourself that taxes will eat away at the money? Do you feel that there is no way out of your situation and frustrated as to how to handle it.

There is a solution, however you have to qualify and it uses a strategy I call WARP, short for wealth advocate retirement plan. First you must need tax write offs, Second you should have at least a 1MM net worth and you or someone in your family should be insurable. Now I know what you are thinking ugh Life Insurance However, this is for people to use while they are living and the tax benefits are better than most other mainstream investments out there. So the basics are that you get a write off just like an IRA or other qualified retirement account on money going into the plan BUT unlike other retirement plans you get tax free distributions when you withdraw and you can take it anytime you want… for as long or little as you want and you have an estate plan to boot. This is not a new strategy but a unique one. Wealthy families have been using this strategy for centuries and the products weren’t as lucrative as they are today with indexing.

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