Wealth Blueprint

Discover our Wealth Blueprint for your confidence in planning your retirement.

We are not your father's broker!

We are not brokers at all. Unlike traditional brokerages that make money from each transaction, or companies that typically sell a limited set of financial products, we are an independent financial advisory firm. That means we can address your wealth management needs holistically by developing strategies that address all aspects of your investments. Plus, we use the latest analytic tools, portfolio management platforms, and diverse set of financial investment vehicles available. It’s a unique 360-degree approach that’s centered on your success.


GPS Wealth Planning

Wealth Blueprint™

One of our trusted financial advisors will sit down with you in person to review your specific needs and preferences. We will then conduct a comprehensive analysis of your investments using our exclusive and integrated process. This process utilizes the latest tools and analytic techniques available.

After the analysis, we will meet again to review a customized investment recommendation based on your unique needs. Additionally, this plan will include proven tax-reduction strategies that are designed to maximize your wealth.

This is a free service that we offer to any Financial Gravity customer who has subscribed to a tax or business solution. We also offer this assessment service for a one-time fee for individuals who are not active customers of other Financial Gravity solutions.


Wealth Operating System™

After the financial assessment we will provide “hands-on” assistance to help implement and manage your customized investment strategy.

Depending on the unique elements of your plan, investments typically include: IRA’s, retirement plans, life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, electronically-traded funds (ETF’s), separately managed accounts (SM’s), real estate investment trusts (REIT’s), stocks and bonds, and other alternative investments.

Portfolio access and insights are available 24/7 via one of the most sophisticated, reliable, and user friendly technology platforms in the industry.

To further differentiate ourselves from traditional brokerage firms, our fee structure is completely transparent. There are no hidden fees or daily calls from some sales broker trying to get you to buy or sell a financial product so “they” can earn a commission.

Plain and simple - with The Wealth Advocate, we offer solid wealth management that you can count on.


  • Management of all paperwork and signatures to execute the plan
  • Activation and setup of all online platforms and portals for you to access your investment performance at any-time
  • Access to your financial advisor whenever you have questions, concerns, or require assistance
  • Regular education sessions including webinars, live events, newsletters, and other publications
  • Annual and quarterly face-to-face meetings to review investment performance and reallocate your portfolio if necessary

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard over an entire lifetime to generate meaningful wealth. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every possible action has been taken to decrease taxes and increase what gets passed on for future generations.

Our estate planning solution is designed to work in coordination with our other tax and wealth solutions to maximize the overall impact to your bottom line.


  • One on one consultation with a certified wealth strategist and guidance from one of our Certified Tax Masters
  • A confidential conversation regarding your needs and priorities
  • A complete and easy to understand review of various options related to tax minimization strategies, trusts, wills, charities, beneficiaries, business continuity, gifts, insurance, and other concerns
  • Help structuring and implementing a holistic estate plan
  • Introduction to trusted partners for legal assistance
  • Direct and active integration with your broader wealth and tax management strategies

While this solution is primarily designed to assist our active tax, wealth, and business solution clients, we are also glad to offer this service broadly based on a standard financial advisory fee.  

Risk Management

Minimizing risk is a critical part of any well-crafted financial plan. Because we are an independent financial advisory firm we can objectively help you manage the complexity of the insurance industry to ensure you get the maximum amount of benefits at the best price.


  • A personalized risk assessment that takes into account your lifestyle, personal needs, and broader wealth strategy
  • A custom analysis of the best products in the overall marketplace that meets your personal criteria
  • Our experienced staff will provide assistance reviewing and negotiating plans from different providers to ensure you get the most benefits at the lowest cost
  • Management of all the appropriate paperwork
  • Ongoing reviews to continually ensure you are getting the best value
  • Personal assistance should your needs change