" I am pleased to announce that The Wealth Advocate is now partnered with Financial Gravity"- Roy Innella

If you paid over $20,000 in personal income taxes last year you probably paid too much. "We help small business owners save on their personal income taxes. We do this in every moral ethical and legal way possible."Schedule a free 30 minute assessment to find out how much you can put back into your pocket. See the video below from our founder John Pollock. Sign up online or call me personally at 610-695-8748.

About Financial Gravity

Our Process


Phase One: Design - Free Tax Assessment

Our process is initiated by a free one half hour meeting with business owners where we discuss what is currently going on in their tax lives and use our specially designed software to determine the project minimum tax savings for the first year. Our fee is no more than half of those savings. Those fees range from $2000 to $10000 and are usually only a small fraction of the potential tax savings. We prefer to be conservative in our assessments and allow the client to judge our performance on their own.

Phase Two: Build

Once we have a comprehensive tax plan in place we build the structure for the plan to run on. This is much like building a house that has a firm and solid foundation to live on. This includes our comprehensive Tax Operating System which insures that the client will receive the best tax advantages possible and manage it on an on-going basis.

Phase Three: Live

Lastly we will manage the excess cash that is generated with the tax savings. Our experience as investment advisors help the clients maximize their plan for retirement. That may be to set up an income plan or a legacy plan or estate plan or all of the above and we do it all in a tax efficient manner.

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