Roy Innella

Roy Innella is the owner and founder of The Wealth Advocate. He has dedicated his practice to helping business owners and investors from the heavy tax burden that success brings.

Roy Innella Financial Coach

Roy Innella Financial Coach

About Roy

Roy Innella is a native to the mainline Philadelphia area lives in Berwyn and went to Conestoga High School and has a business degree from West Chester University. He has experience as small business owner and in the financial industry for over 35 years. Roy and his wife Natalie have 3 grown children as well as 2 grandchildren who also live locally.


Roy strives to educate his clients on how to invest profitably and avoid loss by providing conservative tax efficient options. He is dedicated to helping his clients reap the rewards of a well-planned retirement. Roy is an independent professional and is able to offer his clients all forms of conservative investments because he is not affiliated with a brokerage firm and works for fee only as a fiduciary. He holds a series 65 license and an insurance license in order to serve clients.


In addition, Roy Innella is a well-established speaker and is committed to educating the community with his workshops on topics relating to saving on taxes for business owners and conservative investing alternatives.

Tax Planning for Business Owners.

Since Roy was a small business owner he is very familiar with the day to day problems and challenges to business owners. Knowing that all business owners are focussed on building the bottom line his focus is on helping business owners get what they need to keep what they have built. He helps businesses succeed in areas that turn into profit by adding much needed cash flow to their businesses. Many of the methods used are in finding federal tax incentives, hiring incentives, property tax mitigation, cost segretation and many other areas that 90% of business owners aren’t aware could be tapped into.

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Roy realizes that many business owners that are thinking about retirement and exit strategies for their businesses are behind in making contributions to their retirement plan. That is why we use the Wealth Advocate Retirement Plan (WARP). This plan allows the business owner to fully fund a retirement plan from inception and build equity in the plan rapidly. This plan allows for certain tax deductions for contributions to the plan and also is tax deferred on withdrawal from the plan. This is a unique formula which takes advantage of all current tax laws and permits the owner to super-fund their plan as a non-qualified asset even if they do not have the immediate capital to do so.

The ability to think clearly enhances our abilities to make judgments and also reduce mistakes that could be life changing for better or worse if not done properly. Roy does this by helping clients make informed decisions on their financial lives by exposing them to ideas that they or their professional advisers haven’t suggested.