Business Owners

We are driven to help our business owner clients save extraordinary amounts of money by properly getting them the credits they deserve. The video below was from and Interview of me on MoneyMatters TV where I explain how I work to save taxes and get rebates for businesses.

Business Owners Special Tax Incentives/WARP

If you are a business owner then you know that the primary goal of entrepreneurs is profit. That profit can be attained in various ways depending on the fiscal health of your company. Many business owners contact us for help in reducing their taxes that will increase profits. Any reduction of expenses will fall to the bottom line for a successful business and business owners know that keeping their focus on that goal will keep profits coming into their business. If you think that is something to explore for your company click here for a free assessment of your possible savings.

We also work with any business with audits in Property Tax Mitigation and cost segregation, Workers Comp Audits, Credit Card processing fees, Health Insurance Cost Consolidation, R&D cost recovery. Let me meet with you or your CFO to see how we can get your funds returned promptly. All of our work is done at no risk to the business owner, we only get paid if you get paid!

The Wealth Advocate Retirement Program (WARP) gives business owners the opportunity to take a tax deduction relative to their participation, grow their wealth tax deferred, and take distributions out of this retirement planning vehicle tax free. Additionally, it jump starts their retirement by advancing massive amounts of capital into their program.


The Primary Industries We Serve

  • Hotels
  • Manufacturers
  • Funeral Homes
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Courses
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Software Developers
  • Construction Companies
  • Architects and Engineering Companies
  • Online Retailers
  • Many More

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Minimize Operating Expenses

My team specializes in working with businesses in the effort to mitigate operational expenses. We facilitate this effort through a series of reviews completed by our in house tax specialists, project managers, architects and engineers. Our process is simple. We work with your staff and tax planners to obtain and review documents that afford us the opportunity to identify opportunities for you to reduce operating costs, recapture over expenditure, accelerate depreciation, reduce taxation, receive tax credits and enhance general efficiency. Through GMG’s partnered relationships, we procure an average of $200,000 in benefits for each company which engages us for services. We “find” money for businesses from restaurants to heavy manufacturers and everything in between.