Business Blueprint

Our distinctive business solutions provide business owners with access to the expertise, tools, and talent necessary to run their companies more effectively and efficiently. Although you don’t have to use any of our other services, our business solutions are designed to work in direct coordination with our tax and wealth management offerings. That way you can maximize overall savings and wealth creation. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Business Blueprint™

The Business Blueprint™ provides a "jumpstart" for clients struggling to obtain traction with operations to support the owner's vision. It provides the basic foundations to operate a healthy and happy team, and is the beginning of realizing a company's true potential. Working closely with the client, our experienced executive-level consultants will produce a customized Business Blueprint tailored to the exclusive needs of the client.


  • Clarify client's vision, allowing client to cast the vision with stakeholders and customers
  • Begin to experience success in executing on that vision
  • Identifying opportunities to improve client's profitability and/or cash flow where they exist
  • Clear accountabilities for each leadership team member
  • Evaluating key leadership to ensure they are the right person in the right seat (RPRS)
  • Seasoned business advice and counsel

Project Delivery

Getting work done on time, on budget, on scope, and with the desired outcome is difficult. In fact, it's downright hard. To help you out, we maintain a bench of vetted and experienced talent that can be dedicated to your organization so you can get the critical work done right.


  • Expert assessment of your project resourcing needs based on scope and budget
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities for the project resource(s)
  • Resource selection from candidates who have passed Financial Gravity project management standards and/or Entrepreneurial Operating System™ standards
  • Onboarding of the team member
  • Regular assessments and reviews with your Financial Gravity client manager to ensure that expectations are being met and/or exceeded

This offering is billed based upon an agreed hourly rate that is consistent with the skills and experience of the resource and project scope.

Business Operating System™

Execution is the traction that brings all great business ideas to reality. Financial Gravity's Business Operating System™ delivers the power to develop and execute a focused plan, utilizing fractional executive expertise.


  • Frees the President to operate as the Visionary in leading the company
  • Provides facilitation of strategic planning sessions based on the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS)
  • Ensures the right people are in the right seats using the Culture Index™ assessment system
  • Utilizes results-oriented meetings
  • Delivers seasoned business advice by executives with typically 20+ years of operating experience

This offering requires a 12-month subscription that can be cancelled anytime with a 60-day notice.

Partner Network

To assist with needs outside our direct area of expertise we maintain a network of trusted solution delivery partners. These solution providers have demonstrated their ability to successfully deliver results. They can assist in the following areas:

  • Debt or equity financing
  • Digital marketing
  • Credit card processing
  • Human resources (excluding staffing)
  • Utility and energy procurement
  • Technology services
  • Payment solutions for insurance claims management

We can introduce you to our partners for a no-obligation session to determine if they meet your unique needs.